EJI Partners with Google on Lynching in America Interactive Online Experience

The Lynching in America website, an interactive digital experience created in partnership with Google, features EJI's full report documenting over 4400 racial terror lynchings in both digital and downloadable formats.


The site brings together EJI's extensive research and resulting data with the stories of lynching victims, as told by their descendants. Through audio stories and short documentaries like Uprooted, visitors can experience a detailed examination of the tragic legacy of racial terror lynching in America and its continuing impact on families and issues today.


Visitors can also explore interactive maps that include the locations of racial terror lynchings and in-depth profiles of people whose lives were forever altered by these acts of violence. Data visualizations track the Great Migration, a time when millions of African Americans fled the terror of the South to find refuge in the North and West, shaping the demographic geography of our country today.


We are also sharing a high school lesson plan to help equip educators with tools to thoughtfully teach students about the era of racial terror lynchings and bring this largely unacknowledged history into the classroom. 


Lynching in America is part of EJI's work to create a national conversation about the legacy of racial terror in America today. You can access the nation's most extensive collection of data on racial terror lynchings at EJI's Legacy Museum and see the names of over 4400 lynching victims engraved on monuments at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.